Core Values Self-Assessment

Here, below, is the Core Values Assessment mentioned on my YouTube channel.  Please download and save it to your computer before trying to open it and fill it out.

It is a digital form so you can complete it from your laptop or desktop.  (Unfortunately, Adobe forms don’t yet work with smart phones).

As mentioned in the video, you want this to take NO LONGER than five to eight minutes.

Let it be intuitive.  It’s easy to overthink.  Force yourself to be instinctive as you complete it.

After you have completed it, please commit your five core values to memory.

Create a mnemonic or acronym to help.  Why?  Because these core values are at the root of what causes most workplace conflict.

When you are feeling agitated or bothered by something, stop and ask yourself which of your core values may have been confronted.

And remember, everyone else has their own core values too.

We all strive to live by them.

Let this free you from thinking others are acting inappropriately.


And please let me know if you have any questions at all.

In Him,

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