We are forming the LEADER’s One Master Mastermind Group now.

This one-of-a-kind Christian mastermind group is designed for Senior Managers, Directors and Junior VP’s interested in learning how to develop high-performance teams.We will engage in 10 group-coaching sessions LOADED with PREDICTABLE, REPEATABLE and PROFITABLE systems and processes.  Please join me and nine other faithful followers of Christ to learn how.Here are the details:

Mastermind Group Basics

This Christian-oriented mastermind group is solution-based and will contain both consultation and coaching.  We are a peer-to-peer mentoring group with each member fully engaged in growing their leadership abilities, specifically around team growth.  As such, you will experience cooperative goal attainment.

The Format

– 10 available seats at the table
– Live, ZOOM video platform
– 10, one-hour sessions for 10 consecutive weeks
– God-focused meetings packed with leadership essentials
– Recorded sessions, you will own
– Goal-driven homework that produces results

The Cost  – $600

Session Content

1. Define Your Leadership Philosophy
2. Embrace Those You Have
3. Lead by Asking, Not Telling
4. Develop Performance Metrics
5. Document the Details
6. Identify Your Leaders
7. Plan for Succession
8. Measure and Map Results
9. Inspire Creativity
10. Reach Even Higher

The Process

Step 1 – Email me to enroll (or text me at 603-553-6860)
Step 2 – Receive and pay $600 invoice
Step 3 – Receive mastermind enrollment workbook
Step 4 – Complete the Workbook and return
Step 5 – Decide as a group the best time for our first, one-hour session
Step 6 – Transform your leadership strategy for the glory of God

The Guarantee 

– Total leadership mindset transformation (really, no kidding)
– Accelerated team growth and goal attainment
– Deeper faith about your purpose as a leader
– New insights into how to scale future growth

The Decision

I truly hope you decide to join this group.  If you are on the fence, text me at 603-553-6860 and we can talk more about it.

I can’t wait to begin this journey with you.

Please let me know if you have any questions at all.


In Him,