What To Do When Professionally Stuck By a Past Experience

Start Time

8:00 am

July 24, 2021

Finish Time

9:30 am

July 24, 2021





FREE, weekly Christian Executive Coaching ZOOM discussion.  The focus is to achieve accelerated career growth without compromising our faith in Christ or dedication to His commission.

I use science, psychology and scripture to help you achieve a transformative mind shift.  As we change the way we think about our specific situations, we will be transformed.


Sadly, many of us have experienced a major professional setback only to now find ourselves stuck.  In some cases, we can be hindered for many years.  Worse yet, a few never recover and spend their years at work toiling away empty of dreams, ambitions or impact.

The Bible is packed full of examples of those who stumbled in life, some more seriously than otehrs, and were able to find their way through.  This is, of course, what we desire, even if the candle of hope is dimly lit.

Join us this Saturday, with fellow believers from across the globe, to discuss what we can do to get out of the mired past and into a mindset of excitement and growth.

It’s FREE, of course, so please share with others that might be interested.


The first 15-20 minutes I will explore a topic that is most relevant and then we will collectively discuss it for the next 40 minutes.  The last 30 minutes I remain on the call for anyone who wants to ask additional questions or explore additional topics.  Please share the link to this page if you know someone who could benefit from this effort.

To God be the Glory!

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