Saturday ZOOM Executive Coaching – “Dealing With Work Jerks – *Hint: They’re Not Jerks”

Start Time

8:00 am

August 22, 2020

Finish Time

9:30 am

August 22, 2020




FREE, weekly Christian Executive Coaching video conference workshop.  Our focus will always be to achieve accelerated career growth without compromising our faith in Christ or dedication to His commission.

I use science, psychology and scripture to help you achieve a transformative mind shift.  As we change the way we think about our specific situations, we will be transformed.


It’s hard being nice to jerks, especially those that are out to get us.  The first step in managing these difficult relationships is understanding they are not actually jerks.

They are likely just annoying you because of a universal truth of behavioral interaction.  Some types of people just get under the skin of other types of people.

It really helps knowing how to spot this when it’s happening.  Once identified, we can all take steps to adapt our behavior and create a favorable outcome for all involved.  This is an essential part of executive presence and certainly a Christ-like trait to learn.

Join us this Saturday as we delve into the four behavioral styles and how to identify them in yourself and others.


The first 15-20 minutes I will explore a topic that is most relevant and then we will collectively discuss it for the next 40 minutes.  The last 30 minutes I remain on the call for anyone who wants to ask additional questions or explore additional topics.  Please share the link to this page if you know someone who could benefit from this effort.

To God be the Glory!


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