20 Dec

The Secret of Thankfulness

A national polling firm named Penn, Schoen, & Berland conducted a survey evaluating American attitude toward thankfulness. They conducted more than 2,000 interviews across the US general population. They asked question that revealed something rather incredible. Here’s what they found…
08 Jun

Why People Quit

What Does the Bible Say About Quitting? Not much.  The word “quit” is transliterated rarely in the scriptures – KJV (five times), NASB (once), NIV (nada).  More commonly the Bible uses “cease” or “stop” instead.  These words fail to convey the phrase
08 Jun

Landing the Perfect Job

In previous posts, I wrote about the following: Your engagement level at work (“I Hate My Job”) Top reasons people are disengaged (“Why People Quit”) Things to consider when leaving (“How to Quit Your Job”) Now I will